BioPhotonic Scanner on The Dr. Oz Show

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BioPhotonic Scanner on The Dr. Oz Show

Host and Audience Are Scanned on Show

Pharmanex S2 Scanner

The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner from Nu Skin was recently on an episode of The Dr. Oz Show.  Click here to watch the entire show online.

The response to this segment has been tremendous and many distributors have been sharing this video through social media and other forms of communication. We ask that you please keep in mind our agreement with the show, which requires strict adherence to the following guidelines when discussing the episode that aired with the BioPhotonic Scanner on May 17:

• Do not post a recording of the show on any web site, including YouTube or Facebook.
• Do not communicate or imply in any way that Dr. Oz endorses the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner or any other Nu Skin or Pharmanex product.
• Do not use Dr. Oz’s name, likeness or The Dr. Oz Show logo in any communication.
• Do not make any inappropriate claims regarding antioxidant benefits or products
• Do not post your contact information in the comments section of any web site.

You may share this news ONLY in the following manner:
• Link directly to thesegment on social media or a web site with this text only: “Nu Skin’s BioPhotonic Scanner was recently on The Dr. Oz Show, click here to view.” (Link is
• Post comments on online forums about your own scanner score
• Post approved information regarding Pharmanex products and the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner
• “Like” the video and other sites that link to the video.
• First, click here to view the segment online.
• From this video page you can easily share the video on your Facebook wall by clicking on the “Like” button located under the player.
• You can also click on the “share” button located above the player to share the video on other social media pages as well.
• Sharing this video is a great way to open a discussion about the BioPhotonic Scanner and the antioxidant benefits of Pharmanex products.