2012 - Ring in the Year of the Dragon!

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2012 - Ring in the Year of the Dragon!


Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Dragon is upon us … but what does it mean? How can it affect not only you, but your Nu Skin business?


Interesting to note; The Year of the Dragon only occurs every 12 years!


The Chinese do not revere the Dragon as an intimidating figure or even one possessing evil or dangerous qualities. The dragon is actually seen as a sacred figure and a symbol of strength, luck and new beginnings.


Today, ethnic Chinese look forward to the Dragon years as they believe fortune and success will come throughout the year. In addition, and interestingly enough, Chinese tradition shows that many people want to have children born during the Year of the Dragon. In fact, it was reported that the birth rate is about 10 percent higher during the Year of the Dragon.  It is believed that those who are born in the Dragon years are destined to be more successful.


Whether you believe in Chinese astrology or not, perhaps the excitement that this day brings will spark a glimmer of optimism in your personal and professional life.  As mentioned earlier, the Year of the Dragon brings success and happiness to all who believe.


There is no doubt that if you will align yourself with Nu Skin’s goals and vision, 2012 will be a successful and eventful year!  


Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Happy New Year!)