What We Do Better Than Anyone Else

What We Do Better Than Anyone Else



In the business world, there is one author who has come to stand out from the rest by writing insightful business books based on in-depth research and analytics. His name is Jim Collins and he is best known for a book called “Good to Great.”


In the book, he concludes that the difference between good and great companies is that great companies learn to focus on the one thing that truly enables them to maintain competitive advantage in the marketplace. So what is the one thing that we at Nu Skin strive to do better than any other company in the world?  


What we do better than anyone else in the world is to innovate in order to continually renew the vibrancy of the business proposition that you take to the world. Whether in our product lines, or in our sales compensation plan, or in our sales strategies, we continually seek to renew the viability of the opportunity that you promote.


One way we do that better than any other company is through our products. From the very beginning, this has been an area where Nu Skin has continually distinguished itself. We have a rich legacy of demonstrating the difference of our products... there are simply none better.


Let’s take the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System for example. Three years ago, the Galvanic Spa accounted for about $5 million in sales quarterly. In the fourth quarter of 2009, Galvanic Spas and gels generated $68 million in sales.


And today, we’ve added even more fuel to the Galvanic Spa fire with the launch of the most revolutionary anti-aging concept the world has ever seen. The ageLOC approach that our scientists have discovered will forever change the way we attack the appearance of aging.


And I personally believe that the momentum of ageLOC holds an even greater potential than anything we have seen during our first 25 years




Because ageLOC is more than just a new product innovation…it is a completely new chapter in the Nu Skin story. Through our unique ageLOC approach, Nu Skin has created an entirely new category of products unlike anything seen before.


Because we are so focused on continually innovating, we at corporate could fall into the trap of believing that this business is all about the next product. But, I want you to know that we know better.


We know that this business is about you. It’s about your personal journey and your personal development. I have come to believe that this business is truly the ultimate test of entrepreneurial desire, creativity, leadership, ambition, tenacity, and courage. That is why this Nu Skin family is so amazing.


You are truly the world’s most incredible entrepreneurs – leaders who laugh at rejection, overcome all odds, never surrender, and have fun while doing it.


ageLOC is the perfect vehicle, and the time to act is now.