The Nu Skin Opportunity - 25 Years Young

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The Nu Skin Opportunity - 25 Years Young

Insights from Scott Schwerdt

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We’ve been saying this for several years, but it should be clear to everyone today, that we are in a very unique and enviable period in Nu Skin’s history. There has literally never been a better time in our 25 years to build your business, achieve your leadership potential and create wealth. With the recent launch of ageLOC, Nu Skin secured its position as the world’s leading anti-aging opportunity. With the recent innovations in Distributor compensation and a corporate commitment to achieve our potential by paying Distributors more commissionable income than any other company, we continue to secure our position as the world’s leading direct sales company. We know that the present is bright, but the future for Nu Skin is even brighter as we partner together with you to make Nu Skin an unparalleled opportunity that demonstrates our difference. 


The Nu Skin difference really comes down to four things, which all of you are familiar with:




Nu Skin distributors are the best in the world. As one of the largest global direct selling companies, Nu Skin stands for leadership.  Our most important assets aren’t found in buildings or systems. Rather, our most important asset is people—the Distributors around the world who focus on demonstrating Nu Skin’s difference.  The Nu Skin difference is evidenced in the way people like you make a difference in your lives, your communities and around the world. 




Nu Skin alone delivers complete anti-aging solutions that address not only external signs of aging, but internal sources that cause us to age. Our revolutionary ageLOC technology bridges both our personal care and nutritional product lines, and distinguishes the Nu Skin opportunity from all others in the booming anti-aging market.




Our difference is demonstrated through our opportunity. At Nu Skin, professional distributor leaders thrive, inspiring and empowering others. Distributors say their lives are better today because they joined Nu Skin. We are committed to providing the best opportunity to make dreams a reality.




Nu Skin distributors are part of a great global family of like-minded individuals whose focus is on improving people’s lives. We collectively recognize that as one of the world’s leading wealth vehicles, we have a responsibility to help those around us who need a helping hand.  Nu Skin truly has hundreds of thousands of partners around the world who are providing hope and happiness to others.  This is just another way that Nu Skin demonstrates its difference.   The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation and Nourish the Children Initiative are two platforms that distributors and employees have to make the world a better place.