The Advent of the Gene Era

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The Advent of the Gene Era

Key Insights from Joe Chang


To validate Nu Skin’s anti-aging approach, simply thumb through the recent issues of Time and U.S. News & World Report. You will quickly find that these magazines are discussing what Nu Skin has been saying over the past year, that our genes can be positively influenced to fight aging.

I can honestly say that in the 30 plus years I have spent in pharmaceutical and nutritional science, I have never been more excited than I am today with the launch of ageLOC.  With our exclusive ageLOC platform, we have the ability to identify and target not just the signs, but also the ultimate sources of aging. Add to that our scientific expertise in both personal care and nutritional anti-aging categories and you have what we believe to be the most comprehensive, game-changing approach in the world of anti-aging.

We will transform the future of Nu Skin and the anti-aging industry. ageLOC is an enabling technology that will generate innovative skin care products and nutritional supplements for years to come. I am pleased to see the incredibly positive response ageLOC has already received – and the journey has just begun. Our next step is to use the same proprietary approach for our Pharmanex products.

Clearly, the future of Nu Skin is dazzling. Through ageLOC, Nu Skin has the technology, the tools, and the expertise to become the industry leader in anti aging.