See What Analysts Are Saying About AgeLOC

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See What Analysts Are Saying About AgeLOC




We are seeing an incredible response to the launch of ageLOC globally. Not only are our distributors spreading the word, but now the financial sector can’t help but talk about our successes.  



Since we reported our first-quarter financial results last week, it seems there’s been even more buzz around our ageLOC products. In our first quarter earnings report issued the last week of April, Truman told analysts:



“We started the year off strong, generating record results while focusing on innovation in our products and processes. To date, the ageLOC product launch has been the most successful in our history, generating more than $80 million in just the first two quarters of product sales.”



We have plenty of momentum right now behind ageLOC and I credit this success to our passionate distributors and our compelling product portfolio. I sure appreciate all that you’re doing to share the ageLOC opportunity with others.



I thought you’d be interested in seeing the positive feedback we’ve been receiving recently from a number of our financial analysts. Here are some of their quotes:


Wedbush – Rommel Dionisio:

“Nu Skin’s important new ageLOC line of anti-aging skin care products has met with resounding success around the globe and represents, in our view, the most successful product launch for Nu Skin in the past decade.”

“Fundamental performance for Nu Skin remains strong, particularly in light of the impressive launch of ageLOC.”

ValuEngine Inc.:

“…we feel that Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. has the probability to outperform average market performance for the next year. The company exhibits attractive momentum, company size and volatility.”

Canaccord Adams – Scott Van Winkle:

“Strong momentum in the ageLOC skin care system launch drove significant increases in distributor productivity and led to upside to revenue and earnings. The momentum was already apparent coming out of Q4 and has been talked about extensively as a driver of the shares, but is materializing faster than expected.”


“We believe Nu Skin’s attractive financial model (which generates substantial free cash flow), solid balance sheet, and prospects for consistent revenue growth and accelerated EPS growth, as well as the inherent recessionary offsets of multi-level marketing, create a favorable investment profile.”

Sidoti & Company, LLC – Mimi Noel:

“We forecast that profit margins will begin to widen as the company benefits from a favorable mix shift, positive operating leverage associated with the sales increases, and a decline in interest expense. Therefore, we reiterate our BUY rating on NUS.”

Avondale Partners, LLC – Bret Jordan:

“We feel continued regional pre-launches of the ageLOC product suite will continue to benefit local currency revenue growth.”

“In the US and Europe, which can be considered “established” ageLOC markets, management noted that they were pleased with month-to-month replenishment orders and that subscription orders were up.”

“With only half of the ageLOC suite launched in Japan, we anticipate further improvements going forward with the launch of the second half of the offerings. Notably, Japan experienced an improvement in the retention rate, productivity, and executive count in the quarter.”

Jefferies & Company, Inc. – Doug Lane:

“NUS handily beat Q1 sales and EPS expectations driven by the successful launch of its new ageLOC skin care regimen. The strength was broad-based geographically, with both key momentum indicators we track showing a sharp acceleration for the 3rd consecutive quarter.”

Bank of America—Merrill Lynch – Olivia Tong:

“NUS posted strong sales growth driven by its new ageLOC skincare regimen.”

Stifel Nicolaus – Mark Astrachan:

“Company fundamentals remain solid, in our view, and we continue to anticipate high single-digit currency neutral revenue growth in 2010.”

“We believe the launch of ageLOC is positively impacting Pharmanex, the company’s nutrition business (accounting for approximately 42% of revenue in 2009). Specifically, we think excitement surrounding ageLOC from existing and new distributors has resulted in increased order rates for a number of the company’s products, including nutrition.”