"One of My Favorite Nu Skin Memories"

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"One of My Favorite Nu Skin Memories"

Sandie Reminisces On How It All Began


Twenty-five years ago Blake, his sister Nedra and I sat in a condominium in Provo, Utah and dreamed of starting a different kind of company – a company that would create and sell skin care products that embodied the concept “all of the good, and none of the bad.”


Our product line would contain the best, highest-quality and scientifically advanced ingredients and avoid the harmful and inexpensive fillers that other companies were using at the time. 


We formed a corporation with the help of Blake’s friend from college, a young attorney named Steve Lund, and we called it Nu Skin International.


It was a dream that we believed in. We had a revolutionary product line that helped us share this dream with others. It is a dream that has now blossomed into a global phenomenon because all of you who believed in it too. 


Some amazing things have happened over the past 25 years and I’d like to share with you how it all started. It’s now one of my favorite memories.


When we started this company so many years ago, we sure had humble beginnings. I remember we didn’t have an office and very little capital. Our business assets were nothing more than a typewriter, an answering machine, and an adding machine.


But what we lacked in infrastructure we made up in our determination to succeed. We had an abundance of hope, ambition and we had a great idea.


I remember receiving our first batches of product in huge containers and then hand filling and labeling the jars and bottles for our customers. Our products were so beneficial that soon “demand” outpaced our ability to “supply” our customers. There were many times when we ran out of containers and had to ask our early distributors to bring their own containers for us to fill.


I loved seeing our products live up to our dreams because they were built upon facts, knowledge and research.


Yes, 25 years ago, a group of starry-eyed dreamers, working out of a condominium in Provo, Utah decided to grow a business that could actually be a force for good in the world – a bold concept for sure. Today, you are making this dream a reality.


I wish you all smooth sailing as you each set a course for your own success!