Nu Skin’s Innovations in Distributor Compensation

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Nu Skin’s Innovations in Distributor Compensation

Scott Schwerdt: Wealth Maximizer’s Better-Than-Anticipated Results

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Throughout Nu Skin’s short history, the company has consistently demonstrated our commitment to our partners--our distributors.  One of the key ways that we demonstrate this commitment is through distributor compensation. This is evidenced by Nu Skin’s vision statement to be the world’s leading direct sales company, measured only by the commissions we pay to distributors. Over the years, Nu Skin has led the way with several industry-first innovations in compensation.

These innovations have helped Nu Skin become a recognized industry leader in distributor compensation. Here are just a few of those Nu Skin firsts:   


- In 1984, Nu Skin was one of the first companies in the industry to recognize that leadership rewards should extend beyond the traditional three or four levels of leadership groups used by our peers at the time. When Nu Skin launched in 1984, we transformed distributor leader compensation by paying up to six generational levels of compensation. 

- In 1990, Nu Skin once again led the industry by introducing the global, seamless sales compensation plan which provided opportunities for distributors at every level to seamlessly extend their sales organizations around the world. Simultaneous to the launch of the global, seamless compensation launch in 1990, Nu Skin also developed a very detailed system of managing global currencies to pay our partners on their global activity in the currency of their home country. 

- In 1992, Nu Skin innovated developed a system that provided distributors with the opportunity to register their retail customers through the company and earn commissions and retail profits on their sales organization’s customers. Today, hundreds of thousands of retail customers experience first-hand the Nu Skin customer service difference. The list of industry firsts goes on and on with Nu Skin, all of which demonstrate Nu Skin’s commitment to be the perfect partner for our distributors.

- Most recently, Nu Skin once again led the industry with the introduction of the revolutionary Wealth Maximizer.  As of 2009, the Wealth Maximizer is now the global sales compensation plan for ALL of Nu Skin’s markets. Nu Skin’s Wealth Maximizer does exactly what the name implies, maximizing your earnings. This innovation clearly demonstrates our commitment to be the world’s leading direct sales company by generating more income for you than any other company.


The key feature of the Wealth Maximizer is the revolutionary calculation the company uses to insure that you receive the maximum commissions possible for your hard work. All distributor commissions are calculated two ways—once as an early leader (called the Volume Maximizer) and once as an established leader (called the Depth Maximizer), and the company always pays the greater of the two calculations (Wealth Maximizer). When we implemented the Wealth Maximizer, we focused on three key objectives: 

1. Provide a compensation structure that ensured that distributors earn maximum rewards at every level of leadership

2. Provide significant rewards for Executives who maintain sales over 3,000 Group Sales Volume (GSV)

3. Provide strategically-focused financial incentives for retention

In the two years since the launch of the Wealth Maximizer, we can categorically state that the results are better than we ever anticipated. As a result of the Wealth Maximizer, we’ve seen significant increases in overall Distributor compensation, particularly in our early leader compensation. These types of commission percentage increases are exceptional. 

Never before in our history have we been more confident in our ability to achieve our vision of becoming the world’s leading direct sales company than we are today. We are honored to be your partners on this enriching journey to success. 


*Early Leader: Exec, Gold, Lapis

For a summary of distributor compensation paid to distributors at all levels within the Sales Compensation Plan, please refer to the Resource section in your business portfolio and the document entitled “Distributor Compensation Summary”; visit our company website at; or contact the company by telephone at 800-487-1000.