Nu Skin's Award-Winning Culture

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Nu Skin's Award-Winning Culture

Dan Chard - Why We're An Industry Leader


We at Nu Skin are part of a very generous industry. Most direct selling companies understand the importance of giving back and being socially responsible. 

According to the World Federation of Directing Selling Association, 72 percent of direct selling companies are involved in philanthropic efforts and two in five of these companies have done so since their founding. Our industry contributed an estimated $336 million to charitable causes worldwide in 2008.

We at Nu Skin are proud to be an industry leader in humanitarian efforts and have a rich history of doing good. In 1996, Blake Roney challenged our company and distributors to become a “force for good” in the world.

Since then, Nu Skin has supported hundreds of worthwhile projects in more than 50 countries throughout the world. In 2002, Nu Skin expanded its tradition of innovation with a unique social business opportunity called Nourish the Children.* This initiative makes it possible for our distributors, customers, and employees to purchase the nourishing VitaMeal food product and donate to our charity partners, who in turn, deliver the lifesaving meals to malnourished children around the world.


Recently, our distributor family continued this tradition of being a force for good by providing disaster relief in Haiti after the terrible earthquake.To date, we have donated more than $1 million in cash and product and more than 1.5 million VitaMeals to Haiti. Similar examples over the past few years include donations to earthquake victims in the Sichuan province of China, as well as disaster relief efforts in both Indonesia and the Philippines.


Because of the overwhelming support from our distributors, Nu Skin’s philanthropic efforts have received much recognition and a number awards. In 2007, the Nourish the Children initiative received the prestigious Stevie Award for “best corporate social responsibility program.” Last month, Nu Skin received two Communitas Awards for “excellence in community service” and “ethical and environmental responsibility.”  

Since Nu Skin’s founding, we’ve helped countless individuals and worthwhile organizations. And I know we can do even more. I encourage you to find more ways to support Force for Good Foundation projects and the Nourish the Children initiative.

Nourish the Children Web site

Force for Good Web site

* Nourish the Children is an initiative created and supported by the Nu Skin corporation, a for-profit company, that facilitates donations of purchased VitaMeal to non-profit partners such as Feed the Children. Charity partners distribute VitaMeal to deserving children without charge or fees.