Reach Your Full Potential in 2011

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Reach Your Full Potential in 2011

Dan Chard's Five Principles of Leadership


First of all, thank you for all that you do. Each of you is proof of the difference one individual can make when you are dedicated to pursuing your dreams. Because each of you is taking action to achieve your goals, you are helping create a great groundswell of success around the world.


Your success is contagious and has spread throughout our organization. We have a lot to celebrate at Nu Skin – record-breaking revenue, breakthrough ageLOC products, new sales programs and training just to name a few. But the most important part of our celebration is YOU.


Each of you has unlimited potential.  The potential to become the person you want, the potential to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of and most importantly, the potential to improve people’s lives and develop a lasting legacy of goodness.


When you joined Nu Skin, you joined a company that helps you achieve your star potential. As you do this, you serve as a guide to others as they begin their own journey to stardom. To me, this is the very definition of leadership.


The power of leadership is at the heart of every success story. It’s what brings people together and inspires them to excel. It’s the difference between potential and achievement! Most importantly, it’s the difference demonstrated that sets the Nu Skin family apart.


But to reach our potential and truly become the leader are destined to become, we must break through the layers of discouragement, complacency and inaction.  I would like to suggest a few key strategies that you can use to help you realize your potential and become the kind of leader you are meant to be.


Three years ago, we produced a video series entitled “The Success Formula” that features Nu Skin leaders and highlights 12 ingredients for personal and professional growth. While each of these ingredients are important to our growth, today I’d like to focus on five leadership characteristics and how your association with Nu Skin can help you reach your full potential. These leadership qualities include Clarity, Potential, Courage, Action, and Teamwork.



First, great leaders have a clear vision. They know what they want and set goals to help them achieve their ultimate vision. In order for you to reach your potential, you need a clear vision of what you want and be specific as to why you want to achieve it. When times are difficult, it will be your original vision and reason for getting involved in Nu Skin that will help you confidently push forward. 



Second, great leaders understand their potential. They understand that they will make mistakes, but they also understand that they can get up, dust themselves off and move forward wiser and stronger than before. A true leader understands that his future is not shaped by past experiences but by current choices.



Third, great leaders are courageous. You could say that they have a ‘brave heart.’ They understand that fear is a natural emotion, but that it is one they can never give in to. Even when a leader is afraid, he does what is right, no matter the cost. Great leaders are honest! Great leaders engender trust! Great leaders have great integrity!


One of my heroes of leadership is Abraham Lincoln who was the 16th President of the United States. He served in a time when the United States was in great commotion and led the nation through its greatest internal crisis – the American Civil War. When things were not going well for the northern states, and soldiers and members of his own political party were calling for him to make compromises, Lincoln courageously held firm. He did not allow himself to become swayed from the nations’ ultimate goal when the road became rough. He stuck to his vision and came through the challenges victorious.

Abraham Lincoln said, “It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong.”



The fourth characteristic of great leaders is that they take action. Once they are clear on what needs to be done, they go out and do it! Unfortunately, far too often many settle for less than we are capable of achieving – less than we are.


As legendary Indian leader Mahatma Ghandi stated, “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems.”

Leaders make a habit of holding themselves accountable. They don’t settle for mediocre effort. Instead, they demand the very best of themselves. Great leaders are proactive!



Finally, great leaders understand the power of teamwork. They treat others with respect and dignity – seeing the great potential inside each and every person they encounter. They surround themselves with people whose talents and abilities compliment their own. They understand that the greatest successes and joys in life come only when shared with others.


By cultivating the characteristics of clarity, potential, courage, action and teamwork, we can become great leaders. Whether you’re new to this business or have been at it for a while, you can become a better and more effective leader – all it takes is practice and, of course, the right partner. And as your business partner, we are committed to providing you the programs and tools that can help you develop the power of leadership assist you in your journey.