Do Something Selfless To Lift Others

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Do Something Selfless To Lift Others



In the mid 1800’s, a man named Nelson Henderson migrated from Ireland to Canada – fleeing the Irish Potato Famine. Nelson became a pioneer settler of Manitoba, choosing to make a new life for himself in an unsettled wilderness.


And that’s basically all we know about Nelson Henderson. He never really did anything that would be written about in history books. But some years later, one of his sons did write a book about him. In it, he shares a piece of wisdom that his father had shared with him on his graduation day.


Nelson told his son that “the true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”


This speaks to me – perhaps it’s because Nelson and all of us at Nu Skin share the same belief –that the ultimate fulfillment in life is doing something selflessly to lift others.


This philosophy goes straight to the heart of Nu Skin and is best articulated in our mission to be a force for good in the world by empowering people to improve lives through the products, opportunity and culture we share.  


Nu Skin is a force for good in many ways, but today I would like to focus on the Nourish the Children initiative – highlighting the innovative social entrepreneurial model it represents, the progress we are making to nourish the world’s most malnourished children and finally, tell you about the opportunities we have to create even more smiles through the Nourish the Children initiative. 


First, let’s talk about the unique free enterprise approach we are taking with the Nourish the Children initiative. It combines the rigors and efficiencies of successful business with the inherent goodness of our people to address the epidemic of hunger and malnutrition.


Here’s how it works…


When you place your orders each month, you have a chance to add a bag, or a few bags of VitaMeal to your order.  VitaMeal is a specially formulated food that our scientists developed to address the nutritional needs of malnourished children. In most cases, when you purchase VitaMeal, you are not using it for yourself (although you most certainly can), but instead you choose to make a tax-receipted charitable donation of it to our charity partners who deliver the VitaMeal to those in need.



These donated orders are fulfilled and manufactured in places like Malawi or China – manufactured by local labor in local factories in the poorest regions of the world, and delivered directly where the needs are most profound.


And so we are making a difference in the world. Since 2002, our collective efforts have provided nearly 200 million meals to the world’s hungriest and most malnourished children.


In fact, in Malawi alone, children are receiving about 1.8 million meals every month!


Earlier this year, as the people of Haiti struggled with one of the worst natural disasters in modern history, you stepped in to make a difference. In the first six months of 2010, you helped donate nearly 1.5 million VitaMeals to Haiti, helping bring relief and hope to millions in dire circumstances.


Outsiders have a hard time believing that a band of lotion salesmen are making such a difference, but this what you do – and who you are. It is indicative of your goodness. And it’s a goodness that deserves to be recognized.


So, how much Vitameal is 200 million meals? I had some of our staff members pull together a few numbers. If you cooked these 200 million meals, it would weigh 40 million kg or 88.2 million pounds – roughly the equivalent of 8,900 adult elephants.  And if we were to pour every VitaMeal donated into the Nu Skin highrise – you know, that little 10 story building down in Provo – the VitaMeal would literally be overflowing out the top of the building.


Now that’s a lot of VitaMeal!


But, the best number is this one…200 million meals equals 200 million smiles – 200 million children who are happy, healthy and looking to the future with hope.


Together, we are a great force for good through the Nourish the Children initiative. This innovative social enterprise is providing millions of life-saving meals to the world’s most malnourished children. And together, we can surpass our 200 million meal milestone to save even more lives and create even more smiles for children throughout the world.


Steve Lund Malawi

I wish I could help you feel what I have felt as I have visited the places where your VitaMeal donations are impacting lives. I wish each of you could look into the grateful eyes of a child who knows she won’t go hungry today because of your goodness.


And I am sure that when these children pray – when their parents pray, they thank God for the people who are extending their lives – they thank God for all of you. Through your support of the Nourish the Children initiative, you are building hope for a better tomorrow – and like Nelson Henderson, are planting trees whose shade is meant to shelter someone else.