Demonstrating Our Difference Around the World

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Demonstrating Our Difference Around the World



Thank you for making a difference in the world. Since 2002, our collective efforts have provided more than 210 million meals to the world’s hungriest and most malnourished children.


In fact, in Malawi alone, children are receiving nearly 2 million meals every month!


Those outside the Nu Skin family have a hard time understanding how a band of lotion salesmen are making such a difference, but this is what you do – and who you are. It is indicative of your goodness – of who you are.


The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation has also been active in Malawi. In fact, it is evident that we cannot end hunger in places like Malawi only through donated VitaMeal. Most of the food grown in Malawi is grown on small family farms, using techniques as old as their ancient and tired dirt.


Our vision was to help by building a school where we could teach families modern agricultural techniques that would increase the yield of their own small farms.


If families and villages can grow more food, then they will need less food to be infused from the outside. So Blake and our good friend, Napoleon Dzombe planned such a school. Then they built it.



The school is now hosting its second full class of student-families, and results to this point have been nothing short of miraculous. With their new knowledge, farmers from the inaugural graduating class have been able to dramatically increase their own crop production and improving their lives, as well as the lives of those around them.


And the second class is following right in their footsteps, learning the skills and techniques that have the power to lift them and their families to self-sufficiency – to dignity.


The exciting part is that Mtalimanja Village is a duplication model. 


This first graduating class from our Village has now returned to their home villages and will pass on the knowledge and skills they have learned – lengthening the reach of this program and vastly enlarging their ability to fight off famine themselves and through their teachings, with their village.


And what we are doing in Mtalimanja is simply an extension of what we do every day.


Through the years I have had the immense privilege of witnessing the difference this business makes in peoples’ lives, but nowhere has this been more pronounced than in the lives of those who you have been able to help through your kindness and generosity.


That’s really what this business is all about – lifting people, helping them to become more than they thought possible, and then inspiring others to do the same.  


Thank you for the good that you do, and all that you will continue to do for the sake of others. Through your courage and your leadership in standing for things that truly matter, you’re making a difference in this world.  Through the kind of people you bring into the Nu Skin family, you are extending this culture – this goodness. You truly are the embodiment of our culture. Your leadership in a great cause is The Difference. Demonstrated.