Building Global Momentum with ageLOC

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Building Global Momentum with ageLOC


Dan Chard(LowRes)

I couldn’t be more excited about Nu Skin than I am right now. The company is enjoying phenomenal success and our distributors are benefitting from the global momentum that is building behind ageLOC.

This year we enjoyed another record-setting first and second quarter with revenue up 20 percent over the second quarter of last year. Our global commission payout reached $551 million last year and since 1984, Nu Skin has paid out over $7 billion in commissions. During 2009, a new career million dollar earner was created every six days.

The response to our ageLOC products has been nothing short of amazing.  In fact, it’s looking like the ageLOC product launch will dwarf any other product that we’ve ever launched in our history.

As I meet with our international markets, it’s inspiring to see how this ageLOC momentum has reached each of our international markets and how their distributors’ businesses are benefitting from it. For example, the product launch in Greater China helped boost its region’s revenue by 24 percent. In Southeast Asia, ageLOC has helped the region experience solid growth and an impressive 48 percent increase in revenue in the first quarter. Europe saw similar success with a 42 percent improvement over the prior year period.

And the best news is that the ageLOC revolution has just begun. The ageLOC skin care system represents just the first demonstration of our product leadership. We now are preparing to introduce our proprietary anti-aging science into our nutrition line over the next few years.

As you can see, our future looks brighter than ever. We are well on our way to realizing our vision of becoming the leading direct selling company in the world by generating more income for our distributors than any other company.

Thank you for your hard work and for building on ageLOC’s global momentum.