What products would you recommend to help combat the summer months?

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What products would you recommend to help combat the summer months?


With the temperature gauge pointing towards triple digits during the day, your skin and hair might be dehydrated and frazzled, and in need of some serious replenishment!  Fortunately for you, we have bundled four products together in our “Summer Essentials Package” as well as a few more recommendations of great products for this time of year.


Consisting of exfoliators, moisturizers, and effective treatment products, these top sellers are sure to help rejuvenate and freshen your look.  Please read on to help familiarize yourself with these amazing products which will help transform your skin and hair this summer from dry, distressed, and damaged, to hydrated, lustrous, and glowing!




Polishing Peel - This facial exfoliant is a simple, but proven, alternative to expensive professional microdermabrasion treatments with the equivalent results.  In just a couple of easy steps, and in a few short minutes, you can resurface and polish your skin to create a more youthful looking complexion.  This transforming product will smooth, soften, refresh and rejuvenate your face and give your skin a healthy glow.     


Liquid Body Lufra - Functioning as an all-over body exfoliant, this product helps buff away dead skin cells and removes excess oils to give your skin a healthy look and feel.  Liquid Body Lufra helps smooth and soften the skin to help combat the dry harsh months of summer when bare legs and arms can look ashy.  Women have also discovered that using Liquid Body Lufra on their legs when shaving allows the razor to get a closer, smoother shave, leaving legs incredibly soft and silky!




Enhancer Skin Conditioning Gel – This hybrid moisturizer hydrates all forms of skin from chapped and chaffed, to sun or wind-burned.  This skin soother, with refreshing aloe vera and conditioning panthenol, is ideal for both women and men who desire a natural, healthy moisture balance on their skin.  However, men have found it to be great as an aftershave on their faces specifically.  This light hydrator is subtle, yet refreshing, and once applied is partnered with a cooling sensation that can only be described as awesome!


Dermatic Effects Body Contouring Lotion – With summer well underway, everyone is looking to stay shapely for the remainder of the bathing suit months.  By using this body cream twice daily, you’ll help accomplish that goal by preventing and reducing the appearance of cellulite and promoting skin firmness and smoothness.  It’s also perfect to use in between your Galvanic Spa treatments with Body Shaping Gel.  Dermatic Effects Body Contouring Lotion will help you win the war against cellulite.




Galvanic Spa Body Shaping Gel – Using the Galvanic Spa with Body Shaping Gel will help give you spa quality, body contouring results at home!  This innovative product helps remove impurities, evens out the appearances of “dimpled” areas, and increases the firmness of your skin.  Working exclusively with the patented Galvanic Spa instrument, this product’s ingredients have been proven effective and will help give you beautiful, coveted results!


ReNu Hair Mask – Last but not least, you’ll definitely want to try Nu Skin’s ReNu Hair Mask!  The intensive conditioning treatment will not only give your stressed and weathered hair some gorgeous shine, but it will also triple the strength of your hair, and lock-in essential moisture for every strand of hair.  This product is a must have year-round for sensational, shiny, healthy-looking hair!


Fortunately for you, we have packaged four out of the six products together for our current Summer Promotion.  Click HERE to check out this amazing deal!