What can I do to maximize my commission check?

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What can I do to maximize my commission check?


Allow me to share with you three simple tips for maximizing your next commission check.


Tip #1

When possible, sell a Fast Start Payment kit. While Nu Skin boasts a wide variety of skin care and nutritional products at differing price points to accommodate almost anyone’s needs, it’s important to recognize that nothing supplies money easier and quicker than earning a Fast Start Payment from selling one of our qualifying kits.


To see some of our current qualifying kits, visit www.nuskin.com  and click on PRODUCTS> NUSKIN> PACKAGES.


Tip #2

Take full advantage of the Wealth Maximizer. As an Executive, if you reach the benchmark of 3,000 group sales volume (GSV) rather than the 2,000 minimum maintenance, you will receive the Extra Executive Bonus (EEB) which provides you with an additional 5% earnings on your GSV.


Tip #3

Another benefit of reaching the 3,000 GSV benchmark is the Double G1 Bonus (DBG1). This bonus offers additional earnings on the total GSV of G1 Executives. Remember, the difference between 2,000 and 3,000 group sales volume is 2.5 percent versus 10 percent on your frontline Executives’ total group volume. As you can see, by reaching one simple additional group sales volume benchmark, you can actually bonus out twice with the EEB and the DBG1.


As a reminder, in order for an account to be paid out, it must be considered active. To be active, an account must reach 100 PSV with at least 50 PSV coming from ADR, and with at least 3,000 GSV.