What Are Some Tips For Effective Half-Face Demos?

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What Are Some Tips For Effective Half-Face Demos?


Since the early days of Nu Skin, half-face demonstrations have been used as a great way to demonstrate the difference of our products. Here are a few simple tips that will greatly improve the effectiveness of your upcoming demos:

1) First and foremost, only treat half of the customer’s face. They may beg and plead to get both sides treated but be strong! By leaving the one side untreated, throughout the rest of the day they will see the difference in the two sides of their face and will hear others recognize the difference as well.  This also helps increase the likelihood that they will want to purchase product from you, as they will realize the difference it can make in their skin.

2) Use the full vial of gel on the side to be treated. Many think that because they only are treating half of the face they should only use half of the vial of gel. But, the visible benefits you want to demonstrate come only through the combination of both the gel and the unit. The more gel you can apply to support this combination, the better the results you will see.

3) Focus the treatment on key areas of the face that need the most improvement. Remember to use the appropriate movements 80 percent of the time on the areas that need the most improvement, and the remaining 20 percent on the rest of the face.  Usually, the areas that show the best improvement during a treatment are around the eye and the brow bone, as well as around the mouth or the smile lines.

4) Help the customer do the treatment on themselves. There are two reasons for this tip. First, the galvanic currents have less distance to travel when the person holds the instrument themselves. And secondly, this will teach the person how to properly use it and they will be more confident to use it again at home. This increases the likelihood that they will remain compliant in using the Spa and ordering products regularly.

5) Help the customer know what to look for after the treatment. If this is their first experience with the Galvanic Spa, they may not know what types of results to look for. After the treatment, help show them the specific improvements in their appearance that you notice and encourage others to point out what they see as well.