ageLOC Youth

ageLOC Youth


ageLOC® Youth

An Anti-Aging Supplement


ageLOC Youth is an anti-aging supplement that helps revitalize the body’s aging defense mechanisms to promote healthy aging. It was designed using highly innovative gene expression science to promote the years individuals can enjoy life being more active, energetic and healthy. 


What makes this product unique?

ageLOC Youth is Nu Skin’s most advanced anti-aging supplement yet. Its development was based on 35 years of anti-aging research to target the signs of aging at their source. In addition, ageLOC Youth takes advantage of a unique capsule technology, called Licap®, that allows delivery of both liquids and solids together in a hard shell capsule. Delivering ageLOC Youth through this technology improves the bioavailability of fat-soluble ingredients, which helps ensure the delivery of anti-aging benefits.


The Science Behind ageLOC Youth

Nu Skin has an in-depth understanding of how gene expression affects the body’s ability to resist aging. As a result, ageLOC Youth was developed to promote the optimal expression of key groups of genes and deliver enhanced nutritional benefits.



The ingredients in ageLOC Youth include nutrients not readily available from even a healthy diet. Each ingredient was carefully selected for its unique health benefits and ability to positively impact gene expression.



Men and women 18 and over who want to maintain their youth and live a healthier, more youthful life may take two capsules twice daily with morning and evening meals.


Product Benefits

·         Targets the body’s innate ability to resist aging at its source.

·         Provides a unique blend of nutrients that are not readily available, even from a healthy diet.

·         Influences multiple aging defense mechanisms to provide broad-spectrum nutritional benefits and to             promote healthy systems in the body such as cellular, brain, heart, metabolic, skin, bone and joint                   health.