Interviewing Tips

Interviewing Tips

Do your homework. Get to know us. Look over our history and life at the call center sections to see how you might fit with Nu Skin’s culture.


Dress the part. Please do not show up in t-shirts and jeans. While ties aren’t necessary, business dress is appreciated.


Be punctual. Allow yourself enough time to find our Call Center with enough time left over to check in and fill out a little bit of paperwork before your interview.


Have your schedule cleared. The interview process usually takes about an hour, so make sure to plan accordingly.


Why so long? While we want to get to know you during your interview we also want you to get to know us. When you first arrive, you will have a few minutes to check in, complete some paperwork, and even eat a cookie. Next, you and up to 10 apliicants will go on a tour of the Call Center, take a short computer assessment, and learn more about our company culture and expectations. After this you will go back to the lobby where you will wait to be called to your interview (this is an individual interview—one applicant, two interviewers).


Be forthright. Nu Skin may not line up with everyone’s career path. If at any time during the interview process you do not think this is the position for you, please just let us know.


Conduct reference checks… on us. If you know someone who is presently employed with Nu Skin, ask them how they enjoy working here and what a typical day is like.


And lastly, relax!! We’ll do everything we can to put you at ease, so just be yourself! We want to get to know you, not your nerves.