Nu Skin’s Six Competitive Advantages

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Nu Skin’s Six Competitive Advantages


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There are six competitive advantages that help ageLOC dominate the anti-aging industry. We call these the ageLOC ‘six-A advantage.’ Over the past few months, we’ve been explaining in detail each advantage. This article will specifically focus on advantage number five.

As you know, Nu Skin, in collaboration with anti-aging and genetics experts, has identified key groups or functional clusters of genes that help influence how we age – we call them Youth Gene Clusters. We believe that finding and identifying these functional groups of genes is the key to addressing aging at the source.

Clinical study results, genomic analyses, and substantiated research have enabled Nu Skin scientists to identify specific functional Youth Gene Clusters that are related to youthful skin attributes. The expression of these genes can have an impact on signs and symptoms of aging.

Aging Response Modulators

Once we identify these Youth Gene Clusters, it's important to reset them to reflect a more youthful expression profile. That’s where our fifth competitive advantage comes in. Resetting Youth Gene Clusters is a subtle balancing process - it's not as simple as turning them on and off. Some genes within the cluster may need to be turned up while others may need to be turned down. Through anti-aging science, Nu Skin has created what we call “aging response modulators” that effectively reset Youth Gene Clusters to create a youthful balance within each cluster returning them to their youthful expression patterns.

With ageLOC and “aging response modulators, Nu Skin has a competitive advantage that few companies have. Unlike competitors who can only address signs of aging, ageLOC can address aging at its genetic sources. Our scientists, in collaboration with some of the world’s leading anti-aging researchers have discovered that your destiny does not lie in your genes. Utilizing these key insights we have developed anti-aging products that address not only the signs, but the sources of aging.

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