Media Reports Reveal Weakness of the Economy

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Media Reports Reveal Weakness of the Economy


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Nu Skin’s unique business opportunity is compelling, and even more so when considering the recent unemployment numbers being reported by the media. In a recent article published by The Wall Street Journal, reports by the Labor Department indicate that the number of adults who are seeking jobs has remained at its lowest point since the mid-1980s.

“Even as hiring picks up, more people are suffering long bouts of unemployment or giving up completely on finding a job.”

In the article, Nigel Gault, a chief U.S. economist at HIS Global Insight, was asked how soon we should expect a full economic recovery. Gault responded, “We’re clearly a long, long way from that.”

Despite the weak economy, Nu Skin has been enjoying record-breaking success over the past few years. 2010 marked the fourth-straight year of revenue growth for the company and, as of January 2011, a new distributor is welcomed to the company’s Million Dollar Circle every five days on average*.

According to CEO Truman Hunt, much of this incredible success can be attributed to the company’s focus on innovation.

“What we do better than anyone else in the world is to innovate in order to continually renew the vibrancy of the business proposition that you take to the world. Whether in our product lines, or in our sales compensation plan, or in our sales strategies, we continually seek to renew the viability of the opportunity that you promote. “

One way Nu Skin successfully distinguishes itself from the competition is through its product innovation. The company’s unique line of anti-aging products has not only survived the global recession, but thrived in it. According to a recent study by Euromonitor, anti-aging skin care products have remained star performers during the recession, with sales even expanding. Similarly, sales of anti-aging dietary supplements have also increased and are projected to grow by nearly 50 percent from 2009 to 2015, reaching $20 billion.

Another way the company distinguishes itself is through ongoing scientific innovation. With our exclusive anti-aging science, only Nu Skin is able to identify functional groups of genes (Youth Gene Clusters) that regulate how we seem to age, and target and reset them to their youthful patterns of activity. This revolutionary discovery is based upon Nu Skin’s exclusive collaborations with leading scientists around the globe, millions of dollars in development, and years of combined anti-aging and genetic research.

Although the economy continues to struggle, the company’s innovative technology and products will allow Nu Skin to separate itself from the rest of the competition and dominate the anti-aging industry. This is the perfect time to build an anti-aging business with Nu Skin – a proven leader in innovation.

*Million Dollar Earners refers to those independent distributors who have earned more than $1 million in commissions over the life of their involvement with Nu Skin. For the year 2009, the average commissions paid to U.S. active distributors each month was $125.71 or $1,508.53 on an annualized basis. A complete summary of earnings at each level in the Sales Compensation Plan can be found by visiting: