Taking Anti-Aging to New Heights

Taking Anti-Aging to New Heights

Nu Skin’s Scientific Breakthroughs are Changing the World’s View on Aging


Nestled in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains in Provo, Utah, Nu Skin finds itself at the center of an anti-aging phenomenon as scientists fundamentally shift how they think about aging.

At the Nu Skin Enterprises Center for Anti-Aging Research, Nu Skin scientists in collaboration with anti-aging experts from around the world are bringing critical new insights to the scientific community’s understanding of the genetic basis of aging. These scientists are demonstrating through their collective and ongoing research that biological aging should no longer be considered an inexorable or inevitable process. This combined research has led Nu Skin to develop ageLOC, a scientific and product platform based on the discovery of the ultimate sources of aging that contribute to how we age both inside and out.

Nu Skin calls these ultimate sources of aging “age-related super markers,” or “arSuperMarkers.” Currently, work at the Nu Skin Enterprises Center for Anti-Aging Research is focused on identifying critical arSuperMarkers called Youth Gene Clusters. Youth Gene Clusters are functional groups of genes that regulate how we appear to age. Through our proprietary anti-aging science, only Nu Skin knows how to reset these Youth Gene Clusters to more youthful patterns of activity.

Our growing understanding of key genetic sources of aging is the culmination of over 30 years of combined research conducted by our exclusive collaborators, and yet it seems our work has just begun. We’ve opened up a whole new approach to changing the way we age, and it’s an exciting time for all of us,” says Dr. Joseph Chang, Chief Scientific Officer and EVP of Product Development for Nu Skin.

While ageLOC research and development will continue, this groundbreaking research has already led to 14 patents and pending patents with more to come in the future. Nu Skin believes anti-aging science is the answer to anti-aging. It’s a scientific breakthrough that goes beyond the signs to target the ultimate sources of aging.