Nu Skin Takes the Power of ageLOC Inside

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Nu Skin Takes the Power of ageLOC Inside


Joseph Chang(LowRes)

Ever since the initial introduction of ageLOC Transformation at our global convention last year, our ageLOC skin care products have been tremendously successful around the world. And with that success, thousands have experienced the visible benefits that come from targeting aging at the source.

As we study the aging process and work to identify and target the sources of aging, we are intrigued by the role that genetics plays not only in our looks, but also in how we age. A key insight for us is that in actual fact, the expression of our genes is quite flexible. How we treat our skin and how we treat our bodies with respect to our nutritional routine can have a dramatic impact on our individual gene expression signature. Nu Skin capitalizes on this science to help guide our product development.

Initially, anti-aging science was focused on the personal care line of products partly because the skin, being such an accessible organ, can be readily studied and changes are easily observed. This has allowed us to develop the proof of the principle very nicely.

Now, many of you are familiar with our plans for nutritional ageLOC products. Without a doubt, this will have a substantial impact on your Nu Skin business.

As we take ageLOC “inside,” it’s necessary to focus on the genes that regulate mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are the batteries that power our bodies’ cells. When the energy level of mitochondria goes down, we age. But if we maintain healthy mitochondrial function, we can preserve youthfulness.

In a recent ageLOC study, we identified 372 genes that are tied to maintaining healthy mitochondrial function. By applying proprietary ageLOC science we can identify ingredients that have the ability to reset the expression of these youth gene clusters and maintain vitality in those three mitochondria-rich tissues.

Watch for our newest Pharmanex product, ageLOC Vitality, to be launched in the United States. Loss of energy is a key concern of aging and this product is designed to address that issue in a unique way, not currently found on the market. But we're only beginning to scratch the surface. While we see our 2010 product as a very important introduction to nutritional supplements for ageLOC science, we already have an exciting product approach lined up for 2011 to more comprehensively address aging concerns.

With our unique ageLOC approach of targeting the ultimate sources of aging, Nu Skin is positioned as a premier anti-aging company and we are ready to use our proprietary ageLOC science to generate innovative products for years to come. I hope you continue spreading the word about the power of ageLOC and taking advantage of the company’s incredible momentum. There simply has never been a better time to be a part of Nu Skin.