How Can I More Effectively Tell the ageLOC Story?

How Can I More Effectively Tell the ageLOC Story?


When we first introduce others to ageLOC, it’s very easy to get carried away and share an overwhelming amount of information about the incredible science and products.

Whenever I talk to others about ageLOC, I try to keep it simple by focusing on our three key differentiators. These are:

1. anti-aging science TARGETS the ultimate sources of aging.

2. anti-aging science IDENTIFIES Youth Gene Clusters.

3. anti-aging science RESETS Youth Gene Clusters to more youthful patterns of activity.

I’ve found that when I simplify the ageLOC conversation, the story becomes much for effective and powerful for my audience.

Another reason I like to focus on our three key differentiators is becuase it's a simple way to explain why our ageLOC products are so effective. I like showing the graph below to demonstrate some of these incredible skin benefits.