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  Galvanic Science Usage & Settings Product Compatibility Chart   THE SCIENCE BEHIND A GALVANIC SPA TREATMENT


For over 50 years, salons have used a gentle Galvanic current in face, hair and body treatments. Most high end salons still offer Galvanic Treatments as the galvanic current is one of the best ways to drive ingredients deep into the skin and also to draw out impurities.

The Science:

The Galvanic Spa System works by emitting a low level Galvanic Spa current into the skin and timing how long it takes to get back to the unit. This measures how conductive your skin is and adjusts the levels of Galvanic Current used in the treatment according to the level of skin conductivity.

For example if the unit beeps 3 times it means your skin is hydrated and at it’s most conductive so it can handle a higher level of Galvanic current. If the machine only beeps once, the lower level of Galvanic current is used as skin is typically less conductive and more sensitive.

The beeps correspond to electrical amounts of 0.125 mA (millampere), 0.250 mA, and 0.350 mA.  This is a very low amount of current, but shown to be very effective and safe for all users no matter the state of their skin’s conductivity at the moment of the galvanic spa treatment.

Galvanic charges:

When you set the Galvanic Spa System it emits either a negative Galvanic current, or positive Galvanic current. These currents react to the charges that are in the Galvanic Spa products.

If the Galvanic System charge and Galvanic product charge are both the same ( ie two positive charges) then the ingredients repel and are driven deep within the skin.

If the Galvanic System charge and Galvanic product charge are opposite ( ie one negative and one positive charge), then the ingredients attract and draw impurities out of the skin.